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Sportsman with humor, independent, confident, optimistic, sensitive, 180sm tall, 82kg weight, in early 30th, greenish grey eyes. For professional or attached women will provide discrete company at a social or cultural event. Romance, massage are optional.
Complete straight male escort available for women and couples

Name: Vlad
Age: early 30th
Height: 180sm
Weight: 82kg
Color Eyes: Greenish grey
Color hair: Light brown, medium length
Experience with current occupation: part-time, out-calls only
Languages skills: English & Russian - fluent, Czech & French - conversational
Sense of humor: present

Hello, my name is Vlad, and I’m a very attentive and caring 30-year-old guy who loves the company of women.

I’m extremely friendly and very easy to get along with, and will put you completely at your ease. I provide wonderful and satisfying experience whatever your needs and desires might be. I take great pleasure in bringing pleasure to others.

If you are always dreamed of fulfilling a fantasy or longed for a new experience, then I’m the man for you. I guarantee to put smile on your face.

Perhaps this is the first time you have searched for an escort and you feel a bit nervous? With me, you will have nothing to worry about. I will treat you the way you should be treated. I will make you feel completely safe and special.

I’m the perfect companion if you are after something a little more formal, and am well spoken and intelligent with a good sense of humor. I also have massage accreditations and experience, so if you are just in need of a relaxing evening in which to unwind, I’m the man for you.

I also guarantee to be extremely well-presented with personal hygiene always a priority.

If you are an expat woman living in Prague or just visiting this one of the most beautiful, romantic and emotional cities in the world here is why you might need my service.

  • You are a modern woman living interesting but busy urban lifestyle. You are successful in what you do but this leaves little or no time to look for the “right one” and makes it difficult to have a long-term partner by your side. Well in this I can't help you and you would have to make this part of your life handled. But if you need a sophisticated partner to accompany to a social event (company event, embassy reception, gallery exhibition, theater performance, music or film festival) to support your status or just shield from unnecessary male solicitations then I can help. This don't have to be sexual at all.

  • You are an attached woman, but looking for short adventure while in Prague. If you are married then you may want to spice up your life with a descrete, uncomplicated pleasure, without compromising your marriage, kids or husband. Just want to keep it fun, romantic with no strings attached. I can help.

  • Or maybe you just broke up your last relationship and want a short flirt to think about something else for a while, at least temporary. I can't help to bring him back, but I can help you to relax for a moment and let's hope this would be a beginning of new chapter in your life.

  • I could introduce you to the Prague's expats and local bar's, and mainstream or underground dance clubs scene . I love dancing, was in ballet school for 6 months when i was 6y.o and hated my grandma for signing me up, but now I'm really happy about it and continue taking dance classes, either now it is salsa. I love dancing and hope you would be a good dancing partner. We could also dine out together. Prague is best discovered by walking it's narrow streets. I'm practicing martial art, so walking streets in late hours will be safe. If necessary, I could drive your car.

    Could take you to the hot shopping spots with best deal and advice on fashion and styles.

    If you would feel like wanting more, then we could hit it hot and heavy - any time, any place, where you would feel like. Imagine the pleasures you can experience during an hour massage. First indulge in a relaxing massage followed by intense ecstasy. My hands will explore and caress your entire body, relaxing you, preparing you for what is to come. You are in control, tell me what you desire.

    Few rules we should agree upon and follow. I accompany woman and straight couples only. Could accompany you at your hotel, but you need to check at the reception first, that guests are allowed. We could only play it safe (with protection). Payment first, then service. First date paid.


  • One hour minimal booking - 2500 CZK / 100 EUR / 150 USD

  • Two hours booking - 4000 CZK / 170 EUR / 240 USD

  • Dinner/function, 5h - 7500 CZK / 310 EUR / 450 USD

  • Evening & overnight (7pm - 9am) - 9000 CZK / 370 EUR / 540 USD

  • One day, 24h (Saturday or Sunday) - 1200 CZK / 490 EUR / 720 USD

  • Weekend (Friday to Sunday) - 18000 CZK / 740 EUR / 1080 USD

  • This relation that involves money as intermediate will help you to be in control and overcome the fear of fall in love and keep your heart safe. Payment will set a natural frame to emotions that we would be both comfortable with for the time we spent together. You are free - do what you want!

    Of course you can go to the local bar and pick up a random guy. What are the chances you would score with someone you are really attracted to? And how many times you were wondering the very next morning by looking at your partner “What the hell I was thinking about yesterday?” or please give me a call and you will not regret it.

    SMS / Call +420-725.358.722 or email me

    Yours sincerely,

    Let's explore all ins and outs of Prague together:

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